The weakest point of most zero energy houses is the energy storage. The battery is expensive. The electricity produced and stored onsite is, in most countries, more expensive than the energy from the city infrastructure. However we have good news. Solar panels are quite cheap.. and the zero energy buildings consume just a fraction compared to normal houses. While normal houses would need many batteries … zero energy houses need just a few.  Building a zero energy house now and buying the batteries in 5-7 years is also a good decision. There is no rush. If so it happens that we have electricity in our neighborhood we should use it! Tesla motors invested 5 billion $ in a factory that builds electric cars.


Batteries. That means that the batteries will be cheaper in a few years. Check out their above mentioned website. They have 2 types of batteries. One for daily storage and one for the long run. Many say that it’s just hype and fashion: it’s another gadget for the geek millionaires. It’s true. Don’t argue. Especially in case of normal houses is worthless. Houses that are not energy efficient can’t harness its advantage now. It would cost a lot to buy them. I wouldn’t use these batteries in case of normal houses. However in case of zero energy houses it’s another story. That race had been won already. It’s done.


100 years of innovative engineering. Their cars are split seconds away to beat a 100 years of innovative engineering. Literally: the best sports cars in the word can barely beat these cars. It took their team at most 10 years to get here. Quite impressive. Paired with the Arduino systems it would manage the “energy flow” house. Read this article about the thermal massbatterygreenhouse effect, false facade and the underground lake. These additional things will lower the energy consumption of the house. Using these technique’s you will need way less of these batteries. Read this article about how to make a decision in picking your terrain.