Shou Sugi Ban is a technique to burn wood. Initially the Japanese used cedar. Cypress, pine, douglas fir, chestnut, oak is also popular alternatives. What’s the catch? After burning it …it will be “immune” of UV rays. Insects and mold won’t attack it. It’s like a desert. Nothing to eat there. I am trying to be funny here… the bugs will run away from the house. Its lifespan is roughly 120 years and yes you heard it right. One hundred and twenty years. You don’t have to repaint it over and over again with expensive finishes. Yes in the short run it will cost you more to buy “expensive” wood …. however in the long run saves you a “ton” of money. Even your children and grandchildren will be happy about your decision.

Its maintenance is close to none. It will survive anything. Normal wood catches fire more easily than burned wood. So this alternative is so much safer. They use this method within the house. Check the examples in the pinterest page. Chill: your hands, face and clothes won’t be dirty. In case you buy a forest (to build there) you can use the trees for the false facade. After you cut the trees you will have free space to plant hemp  and in one or two seasons you’ will have the insulation for free. You can simplify the workflow. No business-to-business transactions and you’ll have “everything” on site. Read about how we simplified the workflow of the construction. It could save you a fortune. Read it.