Fire. Using these materials (mentioned in the website) your house will ranked in the best and second best category related to fire safety. Your family would be safe. Additional pumps that use the underground lake’s  water will be an extra measure to extinguish fire. The water could be pumped inside of the building, or in the niche of the chimney effect. The facade can be sprayed with water from the outside. For example an Arduino sensor would be able to pick up the presence of smoke or the slightest temperatures differences. So the pumps could do their duty in seconds. Positioning the empty water pipes under the false facade is a good idea.


They will be easily accessible and you won’t see them at all. Spraying high-pressure water for a few seconds would stop the fire in seconds … It would save your belongings. You won’t even have to repaint the walls or do anything in special after the incident. Note: use 2 “layer” of water pumps and cables and an additional battery to prevent equipment failures. An additional pump, battery, cables, Arduino system will cost nothing compared to building a new house. This way your kids, house, objects would be safer than 99.999% of the houses. Your house and children would be super safe at home all the time. (even those whose children have a lighter in their hands all the time).

no problem ?

Earthquakes. We have to know 2 different things. How materials work on a molecular and structural level. For example bricks made today resist compression, however they are not to elastic. The lack of elasticity on a microscopic level will make them crack. There is a conspiracy theory about the economy. They want us to buy the same things over and over again. Just think about the electric equipment in your house. Everything produced before the 60′-70’s was made to last. For example concrete will crack and fail without a warning. Wood and metal are elastic. They don’t fail that easily. In case of wood and metal you have warning signs before the incident. The heavier the building the more damage will occur. A lightweight wooden or metal building will not be “earthquake proof” just because of the material … however it will be quite hard to destroy.



Japanese did an excellent job related to earthquakes. They made various wooden fittings that last. Their homes are quite resistant. They have to be. Otherwise their houses would collapse. We use many of their techniques to get stronger houses than traditional concrete or brick walls. Studying their craft is highly advisable. They use just wood. They skip all of the commercial elements like nails and fittings. Pairing their “art” with modern cnc machines will give you the best of the two worlds. You’ll get a frame that endures time and earthquakes and you’ll have the technology to make the fittings almost immediately; cheap and without skilled craftsmen. Read our article about simplifying things. We put the inner walls and batteries on wooden platforms or pylons.



This way the whole structure will be more elastic on a structural level. In case of an earthquake: the movement will be absorbed by the elasticity. The house will move “freely” but it won’t crack or collapse. Old brick houses resisted hundreds of years. Older brick where elastic. The era of concrete changed everything. In lack of the strength of the concrete they had to make thick walls. I mean real thick ones. If a brick cracked …the problem stopped at the next row. With the invention of concrete we only need one layer of brick, so if something goes wrong the whole things cracks. These micro cracks are “invisible” to our eyes especially if we paint the walls frequently. Painting it or not our heating bills will suffer. Read about the 30/30/30 rule. Note: don’t think about big visible cracks.

Engineered to resist.

Small floods. Building it on pylons elevates it from the ground. Choosing wooden pylons will help in case of an earthquake. Read about the other benefits related to this. The 30/30/30 rule. Batteries. Thermal mass.


Explosions. Choosing the materials for the false facade from metal sheets to sheets of concrete will help a lot. Rammed earth is a great choice as well. The 1m thick walls and 40-80 cm insulation will stop most of the smaller explosions.


Ice and snow. The ice won’t reach the insulation or the structure. It will stop at the level of the false facade. The water won’t reach the insulation itself. There is a layer of moving air between the facade and the insulation. Positioning the house on pylons will help to “raise” the above the problem. The melting water won’t reach the insulation. And if accidentally a few droplets of water reaches it then it will dry almost immediately.


Rain and water vapors. The same goes for ice. You can build it in the middle of the rain forest or on a lake. Mold will not appear. The house dries itself from the inside out. (chimney effect)

and robbery.

Thieves and robbery. The new rules change the game. Moving to the city and living among thousands and thousands of people increased theft. The easiest and most logical thing was to build higher and thicker walls to keep the bad people outside. Thanks to modern technology, for the first time in the human history, we might go back to the roots where it all started. Just think about the psychology of it. In a 120 person tribe when somebody stole something it was easy. They killed him on the spot. Or they send him to the jungle to live with the beast. They know the consequences. Punishing just one thief solved the social problem for generations.


Murder. We can play this cards again. Not murder … but fear of getting caught. When they know they will be caught 100% they won’t even try. Placing lots and lots of Arduino or raspberry sensors (1…5$ each) would sense almost anything. (hyperlink Arduino, security). I’m not going to get into speaking about it here, that would be tens of pages about the sensors. This technology is not like your or your friends motion sensors. Those are worthless in comparison. I speak about hundreds and hundreds of various types of sensors. The main idea is that we don’t need the “fortress” and “brick walls” anymore. The war is played in cyber space not with Stone Age ideas and tools.


That era ended. The “consequence” can be showed easily. If somebody just looks at your property a really loud voice can explain them that they are facing x years of jail time. If they move another 10 centimeters than the system can call the security company. It can put the conversation on “loud speaker”. Laser beams pointing at the thieves while they move … extremely powerful flashing lights are quite intimidating. Disturbingly loud noises that are so loud they can’t hear each other. Just think about the pain involved. Spraying water on them and “speaking “about some high voltage under the lawn … This will scare them away.


Cherry on the pie. A few high voltage (Tesla style) lightning’s would be the cherry on the pie. You can project near them a visual documentary with explicit content about how people are raped by other people in the prison … and how often. The jail time they serve for robbery. The video can “fallow” them while they move. The time could be shown…how much time will take the cops and the security company to get here with or without traffic. Fair enough. Those who have technology to pass this cutting edge system won’t show up at your doorsteps. They will be at the British museum or in an art gallery in downtown New York. The question is not if they can pass the “walls”. The question who can do it? And will he do it? As an additional idea: you can watch various patterns. If a pattern breaks an alarm is silently deployed. Read about the smart hedge.