Cooling it’s simple and cheap. If everything is sealed well (30/30/30 rule) then the hot air will try to escape in the upper part. By its movement in the lower part creates space. New air will be sucked in its place. Just put tubes in the earth or in the lake (not in the underground lake) and nature will do its job. We’ll get precooled air.


Free pre heated air The same principle applies in the winter to get warm 5C-10c air instead of -20C.(outside air). However on the best models you will not use this system. We’ll use more the greenhouse effect and the symbiosis with the walipini to recirculate hot air over and over again. It will be a closed system between the lake and house. Maybe the kitchen could work with this technique in some occasions.


Warm bubble in the blizzard. Pump this air in the niche between the house and false facade. It will keep your house in a warm bubble in the winter. Your initial investment will be the tubes, cheap air pumps, solar panels, tesla battery or you might use the grid. You’ll might get as much as 20C-30C difference in cold climate.