Hempcrete is the future of building materials. In a few decades most will build with this material. Hempcrete is all natural and it’s quite strong. Hemp grows way faster than wood. It’s price will outcompete anything in the market. The only problem with is the fallowing. It’s to good.  Resist time and it’s insulation properties are extraordinary. Thanks to the masses quite a few countries legalized this material. The only thing that the government watch for now  is that : it should be industrial hemp. Every country acts differently and they are in a constant change.


Before designing a house check papercrete, hempcrete and strawbale permissions with your local authorities. Check it several times. Rules might change overnight in the good. Compared to strowbale it has lots of advantages. Check out the pinterest links to read about them in detail.  It’s cheap to build with hempcrete. You don’t need special equipment or materials. Somehow reminds me of the rammed earth constructions. After compacting the material you can re-use the frame almost immediately. The house can breathe with this material. It has extraordinary insulation properties. It’s the king of ecofriendly materials. It better than papercrete.

Pepercrete was paper first so the production and distribution  damages the environment. It cost way more. Not just the material itself … the components needed and the whole  workflow is eco-friendly and cheap.  Hempcrete it’s flame water resistant. 100 years for hempcrete is like nothing. Building the false facade  will increase it’s lifespan even more. Hempcrete is non toxic and it’s pest resistant. It needs just hemp, lime and water. I would go as far as planting industrial hemp on the terrain where the house will be built. In 1-2 years you’ll have plenty of it.



It might be more than enough to build the hose from the materials. Transportation will cost nothing. No taxes and business to business deals involved. Check this article about simplifying things. Buying a forest for the terrain will provide you with lumber for the frame and for the false facade. Read about the Shou Sugi ban method. In 10-15 years everything will be back as normal. So you can make the “repairs”, or build another house.