Read about the walipini and about the aquaponics system first. The final “product” won’t look like this. This video is just a quick sketch about the main idea. We show just 3-4 simplified ideas to demonstrate the concept. The underground lake lives in a symbiosis with the house. It is home to hundreds or thousands of various species and microorganisms. It tries to recreate nature itself. We use the “exhaust” air from the house to heat up the underground lake in the winter. We push the air (in form of air bubbles) into the lake. This way the crabs and fish get plenty of water movement and therefore oxygen.


Through the movement of the air bubbles the water gets oxygenated. With plenty of oxygen the water will clean itself a lot faster. The bubbles will pop out on the surface and the “hot particles” will raise to the top creating a big “hot air carpet”. In this “warmth”:  we position 2-3 layers of plants using the low and high-pressure aeroponics systems. The space near the lake can be used for the aquaponics system . Earthworms can be positioned near the lake. Water sprayed in the air can get back to the fish easily this way.  No need for pricy pipelines of any kind.


These systems have the following principle: the waste of the fish is the food for the plants and the plants clean the water for the fish. It’s a win-win situation if you like, a complete circle. Below the acrylic sheets or plexiglas … we use granite to store the sun’s energy for night time. Read about the thermal mass here (hyperlink). We use rocks instead of soil and every hour we flood the rocks with water to feed the plants and earthworms. We plant trees and plants directly into the rocks. Read about it here (aquaponics)



Air like in the middle of a rainforest in Borneo … but no dust. The lake cleans the air, as the dust particles remain trapped in the water with the air bubbles. The plants clean up the co2 and then grow faster because they have co2 in the air. Read about the 30/30/30 rule or about heat exchange. You won’t have as much dust within the house. As the exhaust air from the house has been cleaned by the plants and the water, the resulted clear fresh air is being pumped back into the house. Your children will breath the cleanest air at home … even in heart of a heavily polluted city. The air can be “pasteurized”.



The key is the biodiversity to get all of the nutrients. Occasionally you’ll have to feed the system with materials to get all the minerals. We can’t compete with a “haunted” forest or coconut trees that grow on some untouched virgin seashores. However food grown here will out outmatch most of the foods that you buy at your local store; even the organic market. You’ll be able to go under price. Check this out about some early estimates about food price. Download the file and change the red numbers.




Biodiversity. Cleaning plants …. the more the better. Most aquaponics systems are quite small and so they are limited to a few species. I wouldn’t feed my family from that in the long run. The idea is to get as much of the nutrients that we can. Letting several species fight for survival and eat each other will recreate nature and the fittest survive attitude is just that. The lake must contain parts where the little fish can hide and crabs or bigger fish can hunt for them. Keeping them on their toes all the time will develop muscle fiber and only the good genes will survive. The small and weak will be eaten. Just think about the type of chicken that you buy from the store. You don’t want that. They are not healthy. They are kept alive for a profit.



Unfair advantage. Read about picking a terrain here. You’ll find the explanation why this food outclasses the best organic markets.For example feeding the fish with 100% organic food would cost a fortune. However buying or planting organic crops can feed your larvae or grasshoppers, which in turn will feed the fish and frogs. This way the fish and frog’s waste will “grow” A1 quality organic vegetables and fruits. And keep in mind we didn’t purchased nothing costly here like expensive first quality fish food.


The larvae and grasshopper farming it’s easy. It can be automated with an arduino system. Most of the work will be done for you. From 10 kg of plants you can produce roughly 1 kg of meat (cattle, poultry). With the same amount of plants you can produce 9kg of larvae. They don’t produce body heat and most of the energy is used to grow. Little mammals, birds play and fight or just hang around. Insects skip that. They grow instead. They don’t do anything else.

They can be kept on shelves; so in the same amount of space you can “breed” way-way-way more insects. And don’t compare it to caged chicken. Feed them with organic food. : This way their nutritional value will outcompete the best meat produced (ex cattle or poultry). I mean the insects protein is even better that chicken or cattle that have been fed organically. Other advantages of the insects is the fallowing: vaccinations and daily cleaning after the animals is not needed.


These little beings don’t have diseases and parasites that transmit to humans. Or at least it’s extremely rare. Insulating the lake it’s quite cheap and it can be done. Read about the insulation materials here (hyperlink) You can also read about how to pick a terrain here  Insulation under the lake might help us to keep exotic fast growing species. Their metabolism will be superfast in the heat. They’ll grow with a amazing speed. Your orchids will grow in the winter like they would in a rainforest.



This protein outcompetes cattle or poultry in every possible way. Ok that’s a hard one to swallow :)) With meat production scaling roughly on 10kg of vegetables “producing” 1 kg of meat and the same quantity can raise the insects quantity to 9 kg. If you feed bugs with organic food you’ll get first quality protein and almost zero harmful diseases. Because the bugs are cold blooded they won’t waste energy to heat themselves. They use the energy to grow. You won’t have to cage animals in small places. No growth hormones vitamins or vaccinations required.


Personally I’m on a paleo diet. I eat mostly meat. I hate vegetables. Except onions and tomatoes, I neglect vegetables. But I will be the first to abandon cattle, chicken or pork, to get the raw fruits and bugs larva or grasshoppers and crickets as my first option. Just think about the price. It’s way way-way cheaper than normal food. It’s nutritional value is the same or goes beyond the most organic meat that you can find. It can be automated with the Arduino sensors and robotics and the space required is quite small. If you are not into that, then feed the fish and crabs with them.

Collecting water. I wouldn’t collect rainwater for the underground lake if I were in a big city. I would start the system by ordering a few “trucks” of high quality water from a safe place. Spring-water if possible. If the house is not in the city then you can collect moist from thin air. We use techniques to get large quantities of water from the air … It can be done with minimal investment … few hundred dollars at most. Sometimes some fancy equipment must be purchased sometimes it cost almost nothing. There are many techniques.



Water from thin air?  Pasteurize it to kill bacteria. Put nylon tubes under the earth that go underground and go in your garden several times. Pushing air in it will collect the water from the air and bacteria will die. The sudden temperature difference is a pain for the bacteria. You can wash the tubes by circulating water in them for a few minutes once a month. The collected air from the atmosphere or from the underground lake can be reused. With this technique you can extract humidity from the air. If the air pumps are powered by solar panels and they work a few hours daily it’s more than enough.



It’s cheap and it gets you water out of thin air. It purifies it as well. If you substitute a portion of nylon the tubes with a metal part and you direct sunlight with a Fresnel lens on it, the temperatures could rise up to 1500C. That will probably kill any living thing in it. Fresnel lens are so powerful that within a few seconds the focalized sunlight melts rock. It does it like it would be child’s play. You could boil large quantities of water this way for household usage. You can save in advance square cubes of “purified” water. Using UV light will make it even better.

and storage.

There are tens of things that we can use. Let’s show you a few ones. Think about an excavator digging a 6m deep hole. You’ll put huge granite rocks and sand in it, and then add water. Obviously you will have to insulate it with the same materials that are used in ponds. This will be like a huge water storage. It is so much cheaper than buying the nylon versions that store just 1 square meter of water and cost a lot of money. What happens exactly? You pick a time … and every day at that same time you pump wastewater under the sand.



Does it stink? This way the scent remains buried while the plants and the microorganism above trough their root system will do most of the work. Stage 2: the water will start to go down in the sand. Because you will move the water just once a day for a few minutes, the microorganism 1,2,3 m deep will start to eat up everything.They will further clean up the water. The water pumped from the lower part will look crystal clear. There are 14 types of plants (nasa research) that are heavyweight champions in cleaning the water. Leaving the water just rest in the sand it’s so efficient, that 7-8 months after starting the system from scratch the microorganisms will start to work overtime.



Eat the bacteria …  Studies found that they will eat up 99.9% of the bacteria. The studies looked at viruses as well. One study said that after 14 months of starting the system, the microorganism would be so efficient that they will eat up 99.9% of the viruses. An additional UV lamp kills the bacteria with ease, boiling the water with a Fresnel lens is also a good idea. Yes now people will jump on me…. And they will come with millions of arguments about why this is not a good idea. You have to know first what kind of water you have here. Do you have to kill just the bacteria and viruses or we have something way worse? The main idea is that you don’t have to clean up the mass after Chernobyl and you don’t clean up a city’s wastewater with hell know what in it.


The whole discussion is case dependent…and every case requires different measurements and systems. Sometimes you can put this system near the underground lake…sometimes you can’t. It all depends.

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A random example: Fresnel lenses melting rock  in seconds. The odds are that the ancient people used this technology.

I make a bet that 1800C can kill some bacteria. For example worms eat up dog or human excrements with ease. The end result would be first quality soil for you garden plants. This is quite expensive at the store. The hard part is not the idea like knowing about the worms and about the soil. The hard part is making it in such way that everything is automated so you don’t have to touch a thing. Especially the waste:) Putting the house on pylons would help us a lot. We could separate the waste with ease. For example the urine might go under the Fresnel lens and the solid waste as well. Or the solid waste (separated) might go to the worms.


The kitchen counter could be connected to several pipes to collect the waste. The food leftovers might go directly in the lake …the fish and crabs will eat them happily. The decomposed food might go to another set of red worms. These worms would be excellent food source for the fish once in a while. Some Arduino systems, cheap robotics and the whole system automated, will keep everything at its best. A fun detail: worms that get food leftovers and dog/human waste, choose the eat just the food leftovers. Don’t combine them, especially if you throw the worms in the lake.

Ok, I’m just saying this to piss off the “problematic” people … so that just the cool ones remain:) Like you and me lol Those problematic people and their children should eat the “healthy” food from the local store. That’s “safe”. Hope they left already .. so I can continue.



Epson salt. Adding Epson salt to the whole system to work quite well. Parasites and bugs “run” as far as they can and that’s just to start with. Another benefit is in the taste of the vegetables. They grow smaller but they have better flavor. Near the oceans they started to mix freshwater with saltwater to save on the expenses. Using Epson salt or salt water would boost the “immune” system of the whole underground lake. However not every animal or plant is compatible with it. I might choose biodiversity instead.

How to take the most powerful drug of ancient Gods (and the Vatican) for free:  never get caught or addicted? …ok you can’t say that as a headline…….
Instead blame the government and Hitler to mass “murder” the myriad with tap water and write an article about that.

Long story short: the government puts fluoride in tap water. They say that it’s for your teeth. Hitler gave the same thing to the prisoners in the concentration camps. After my own studies no real scientific evidence demonstrates that we need fluoride … not even in concentration camps. Humanity survived for eternity without it. Maybe we need a little here on there … on special occasions but … come on. What does fluoride really do? It calcifies your pineal gland with an increased speed.


I’m not into new age things and meditations to find the inner self: however most ancient cultures say that the pineal gland is our third eye: the gateway to heaven, or the gods, or that that’s our cosmic antenna to receive the signals from the “universe” and infinite intelligence. The third eye is the place where we connect with the infinite intelligence and with other dimensions. Fluoride in our tap water makes irreversible damage to it. Your children and their children will suffer and act like a “sheep” as a result of this.


Better than tap water. Google it. In the underground lake we will produce water so-so much healthier than tap water. The eye of Horus …the Egyptian pyramid (on the dollar bills)…. the point marked between people’s eye in India and the most important highest symbol in the center of the Vatican is the pineal gland. They say it’s like an antenna. An eye that has water in it … and the brain or universe projects images in that area. Its anatomy it similar to that of the eyes.

vatican / ceo-s / hitler

The pineal gland produces DMT. DMT is the material that our body releases when we die. People who had near death experiences and claim that they see a white tunnel was “caused” by DMT. Strangely many of those who used DMT have religious experiences. DMT is a material that is present in almost everything. Even in the grass. It’s a natural material within you. Detecting it is quite tricky because you have it already. You won’t become addicted to it like in the case of drugs because it’s not a drug.In most of the countries its use is banned. I’m not a drug guy.  I drink 1 non-alcoholic beer with lemon. In case I’m quite sad I drink 2 of them …. So my own experience with these products is nonexistent.



Silicon valley people.  However I don’t quite agree with fluoride in my tap water. I might end up stupid.(it might happened already) Ancient civilizations where quite smart; if most of them said that the third eye is a good thing and will bring you to infinite intelligence, then I trust them blindly. Many of well-known artist and composers used some help to get to their higher self and get inspiration. Silicon valley people take different materials to be at the top of the game. They want to be on the edge all the time. They need the new ideas and connections that their subconsciouses give them. Fluoride blocks that.

swimming | winter

If you’re not afraid of fish you can swim in the lake all year round. You put a 5mm wetsuit in the winter. A sandy beach on the southern part will make your friends and kids love this beach parties in the outside “blizzard”.

heat | shutters | storage

If you live in the northern part: you might use insulated shutters in the winter. The exhaust warm air from the house will heat the lake in the nighttime or in the late afternoon. The greenhouse effect  in the house or in the lake will be stored up in the battery. The water and granite in the lake acts as one huge battery. The Arduino systems will harness, store and redistribute the energy in the exact place where it’s needed. The extra heat from the upper part of the lake can be pumped in the water so that plants won’t overheat under the acrylic sheets. Hundreds of meters of nylon tubes (what they use for electric cables) in the structure of the lake won’t take up much space, however it would collect a huge amount of hot water daytime. This can be pumped from the inner core of the house. Read about thermal mass.