terrain | investment

Learn about how to buy the picture perfect view with little money.
Take huge advantage by picking the right terrain. The real gold is in the negatives. Find out why.

cables | plumbing

Save 30% on the initial investment. Save big on the long run. In case of: failure, changes or pricey repairs … you’ll save tens of thousands. Implement this new approach.

plenty | organic food

How to produce first quality organic food like: fish, crabs, vegetables and fruits for free? Even poultry. It’s mostly automated … you don’t have to do much. The underground lake.

heat | monthly bills

If you want to build a zero energy house start reading this. It makes sense, hot air is lighter & the windows are thinner than the walls. But it’s not like that at all.

simplify | financial advantage

Simplify the classical construction phases. Basically you’ll be able to buy ageless, luxury materials within normal houses price range. It can be done with ease … just read it how.

save with luxury windows +

Acrylic sheets are roughly 17 times stronger than mineral glass. The outside “flows” in the inside.How we achieve extreme insulation? The overall cost can be lower this way?

gain 20-30C for free?

Most of the houses “fight” temperature. Find out how to gain 20-30C temperature difference beneath every facade. It’s a quite: simple & cheap method. Use it.

free energy | cheetah’s fridge

Usually from 10am to 3pm we have plenty of energy. The question is: how to store it for the upcoming hours and days (without making a huge investment). It just works every time.

“battery” | store free energy

Learn about: what to do with the excess heat and energy. Learn how to use: cheap, natural, eco-friendly materials to store up this extra heat. It’s quite simple to do it.

safety | family | belongings

Learn about what happens if an: earthquake, fire, small flood, thief threatens the house. Protect your family. Learn about: why these homes are among the safest buildings.

insulation | top 3 safest

In some countries there are still banned (soon will change). There is a way to use them now. In a legal way. Think outside of the box … it always worked and it always will.

dinosaur | vs thermal engineer

Quite funny: this ancient dinosaur used thermal energy way more efficient than thermal engineers do it nowadays. Maybe because its life depended on this specific detail.

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