An insulated shutter in front of acrylic sheets combined with the chimney effect works out the best. You want to protect the house from the heat in the summer. The same shutter will keep the heat within your home in the winter nights. Don’t just put a single layer of tin insulation. Insolate it well. You might use mineral wool. It’s not that good then these however because it’s lightweight it opens various possibilities.


Extra protection | shutters. The shutters will be easily moved. Just think about bridges of old castles or about rails that sustain some sliding doors. The principle is the same. These shutters can be operated with Arduino systems. They protect the acrylic sheet  from heavy rains, extreme temperatures or burglars that might want to get in the house.


This way you could increase their lifetime with years. You cut down the extremes. Basically the materials as the: acrylic sheets and doors will function under optimal conditions. Without the extreme heat, UV rays, cold wind or rain. Do not forget to double the facade with the chimney effect. It will give you an extra boost.