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In the 80’s people didn’t “get” computers. Tv, radio dominated everything. Now they are dinosaurs. YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram is the new Abc, Cnn, Bbc. In the food industry it will happen the same. The new big thing: the Facebook, the Snapchat, the Pinterest will be meal-worms, crickets, bugs, fish, snails, crabs etc. All of the attention will be here.

Meal-worms and cricket farms will be extremely “strong” in the market. Hundreds of people will make millions. It will be one of the biggest shifts in human evolution. Most of vegetarians, Peta, blogs, restaurants, vlogs, thousands of social influences are prepared to distribute the so called “avalanche” on their platforms. After people like Jamie Oliver will go full in … as a consequence … the myriad will follow. It will happen.

You want to build the most efficient: fish, snail, crab, worm, bug or poultry farm? Or you want to grow fruits or vegetables? Especially in extreme climates? Call me. I’ll help you to build it. We’ll harness the “weaknesses” of the terrain. We’ll use it to our advantage. The real gold is within the weaknesses. Check this article: why to pick the “worst” terrain? … use it as an advantage.

Random example | sketch of a high end chicken coop. It’s designed to withstand the cold North European climate. Norway, Finland, Iceland. It gives home to 100-120 free range chicken. This model is designed for “meat production”. It’s highly unlikely that rats, or mice can harm the chicken within this building.

Even in the coldest blizzard your chicken will feel like in Hawaii. This model is one of the cleanest chicken coops ever built. It can function months, or years without the necessity of cleaning it. The chicken manure will transforms to A1 quality food.That will transform to another material and so on. My personal philosophy is simple. I want the best … and possibly for free.

The feeding system is an additional construction to this construction. With the help of additional feeding systems: we can sprout tens of species of grain. The chicken will eat the best of the best. Full of microorganisms. Their food will contain more A1 quality organic nutrition. Asa consequence they will eat less. Feeding them greens we’ll save big on food.

Not talking fluff talk. But can’t be specific. I have to see the terrain first. Send us the terrain and you’ll get the solutions or guideline. How to pick a terrain? One terrain might be perfect to raise (in a symbioses) snails, crabs and chicken. The exact same terrain would have disadvantages to raise frogs, crickets and ducks. For example a deciduous forest placed on a steep hillside would be absolutely perfect to grow meal-worms. No infrastructure needed.


You don’t have to choose between trees or food. The structure itself is mostly organic. The constructions doesn’t interfere with wildlife. The building permit would be obtained with ease almost everywhere … especially it’s “invisible” to the environment. It’s sustainable. The building itself and the maintenance as well. In most cases all of the electricity and water would be produced onsite. You don’t need gas, or fire to heat it up.


Accidents & theft are reduced to bare minimum. It’s surprisingly safe even in the middle of nowhere. No need for humans on a daily bases. Most of the work is automated for days and weeks in advance. The workflow is the fallowing. We have to see the terrain first. Within a few days or on the spot we’ll come up with a specific solution. Quite counter intuitive at first … however the mountain side with cold winters and blizzards would be quite efficient to raise exotic fish. Even orchids. The desert could work out nicely as a crab, duck and exotic fruit farm. Show us the terrain and we’ll solve it. Call us, write us. You’ll see.

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