Socio cultural.

The more we repeat an idea /construction the more cheaper and accessible it becomes. This so-called receptiveness opens the doors for millions. Therefore by definition the more chaotic untamed and undistinguishable it becomes, if it makes sense. We go wider and wider. No need to reinvent the wheel from scratch every given time. With these tunnels we can fail fast with zero or low risk … therefore we can evolve really fast.


This repetitiveness would be anything but boring. It would bring an untamed chaos and diversity we can’t even imagine. Some will want to spend time on the outside. The beach among palm trees … surfing monster waves maybe. Martian cuisine and shopping. We’ll never know who wants what. And we shouldn’t.


We shouldn’t decide. Demand should do decide. This neuron like infrastructure can take on tens … if not hundreds of thousands of construction sites from day one. All seeking the end consumer attention. So, they will diversify it to the maximum extent.

If a cluster needs “horseback riding” or “pink dolphins slash unicorns” it’s done. It fits within the infrastructure. Nobody wants copy-paste star trek like corridors. Instead of shooting for a few mega-structures with wide openings and trillions in cash upfront … we might let our ego down and play it safe.


Hundreds of mostly self-sufficient clusters would do the job. The safer the better. Decentralizing and making it modular will let entrepreneurs “jump in” right from the start.


Climbing trees at 72? Residence for the elderly sounds daring enough?

Rock climbing with a finger? Who transports the first goat colony to sell milk?

We need to provide easy … safe investment platforms. To take out the risk factor. Repetitive tunnels in constant environment is a good example for that. Where “things can’t go wrong”. Everybody wants to hear that. Idealizing here but: this way we’ll have instant “limitless” money & growth. We need competition for the end consumers attention. Opening up game to everybody would naturally drive healthy win-win situation and it will lower the prices.


Within this wireframe … you’ll be able execute on a dream quite easily. Be it as an investor, visionary, construction company or entrepreneur. You’ll find your place among the myriad of opportunities. Notice that a 1 million city …. (built this way) … won’t take up lots of space. However, it would feel quite “abandoned”. Like a small “mountain village”.


In case of an epidemic or a disaster … this decentralization 3d neuron like system is a safe way to go. Lack of key points and interconnectedness builds up safety and speeds of growth. The concept of a city center wouldn’t be that accentuated. Real estate and land prices will equalize. This “untamed” decentralized (3d) growth will bring along a fair-play competition … therefore stability in every area. Be it electricity, mining water, minerals, transportation, tourism or real estate.

Note* this narrow scene could be among the first nature trails … (we passed this level of technology). Notice I exaggerated with the simplicity of the background.


One city is too small to talk about politics and government of the whole planet. Nonetheless we might think about the following idea. Unfortunately, … we as a species have a proven history in aggressiveness to accumulate land and riches.


Giving it away would be the best option. Like E.U. project. Simplified: you can use the land for xx years if it brings economic growth. If you don’t do as promised you fail the right to use it. Every domain like travel, real estate, offices should have their own contract for the “lease/usage”. The more parties, constructions at site doing their own thing, the less risk to start war. Why would we? If we can build “easily”.


A billionaire invests in “Hudson yards” … another will sell ice cream on the main avenue. And anything in between. It must be easy for all of us. Within this 3d infrastructure its space for everything. We can double, triple, quadruple “Broadway” anytime. Almost in the same place. A parallel tunnel almost always fits. We definitely need taxes, police, healthcare.


Cities could act like countries. Every city having its own rules and slightly, or heavily different taxation system. This way even cities compete for attention. This keeps corruption, monopoly even lower in an organic way. It’s not about utopia or idealization. It’s about the market. It was always about the market. The market always decided and always will. We shouldn’t think about that. We just need to create a wireframe that can keep up with the lightning fast growth. The purest ideas will strive.


Transportation in space.

Imagine a space ship. Parallel “tunnels” from modules in the middle filled with water, food, cargo. And a rotating torus/as circulating around the center to achieve rotational gravity. Structures like this could help us travel to Mars in great numbers. Like Oasis of the Seas where the transportation is the destination itself. Bigger animals could be shipped this way.