I will give you 5k $ if this won’t save you money.  

I pay you 5k$ if I don’t save you money regarding your existing real estate. How does that sound? Or you build a new one? A few: plain simple, inexpensive ideas. Check out how we already saved fortunes for others.

If you know just one person that would benefit from unapologetically reducing their expenses let us know. You have nothing to lose. What holds you back? Check out a few examples below and move forward.

Within a category of a building type we will work with just one. We’ll use it as portfolio for the investors. Showing that we saved millions in $. Our full attention will switch to build and rent out new real estate. In case you’re interested hurry up. What holds you back?

Airbnb apartments …  20k$ saved estimate.

Rudi owns several airbnb-s. He rents out apartments. Like a small hotel. The clients wouldn’t care less about the insane electricity prices of the air conditioning. We spent roughly 100-200$ to save 20k in the long and short time … combined.

That was let alone regarded to cooling. You can rent out one of the apartments to see how it works. Now we work on the heating system. My main goal in life is to pursue Rudi to join and stay in the Maverick Mansions team.

No heating bills … for a lifetime?

Beating the odds that’s easy. We’ll help you for free. Those who can live above 6th floor can considerably lower their monthly bills. Helped out quite a few friends so far. One of my friends has 24C within his apartment. Meanwhile minuses on the outside. No heating.

Sure the results are not typical and there are a million variables. Let us see how far we can push it. Let us help you for free. We are not selling you anything. If you have just a dear friend who lives above 6-th floor … let them know. We’ll help them for free.

Save millions with storage places.

In case you need a small, or industrial size storage place let us know about it. Construction costs roughly 30 -100$ | m2. Fireproof, quite good against thieves. Merchandise won’t freeze in the winter and won’t overheat in the summer. No dust and rodents. Same 5k $ offer applies, even at the design stage. Schedule a call and move forward. You have nothing to lose.

Heritage buildings, castles …  save millions $ ?

We love heritage buildings and castles. As an example: changing the windows usually costs millions of euros. Surely, it’s a harsh debate. What if we have a better idea? Light Years better idea.

As always … it cost a fraction of a fraction of the price. None of the heritage windows will be changed. Schedule a call. Let’s see if we can help you out. What holds you back? You have nothing to lose. Move forward and save big time.

Chicken farm …  save millions of $ on initial investment & maintenance 

Same 5k $ offer if it wont work as promised. Lower industrial chicken farming price to 1/20th of the conventional ones. It’s mostly related to the construction of the buildings. Beside this as a bonus:  almost none of workers needed for maintenance. The building manages and cleans itself.

It will make organic, free range poultry lovers & wall street corporate enterprises happy at the same time. If you want to feed the population with the best quality meat and eggs let us know. We’ll help you out.