Colonizing Mars

Neurons. Imagine a city … like a living organism. For start … we will start with the “cells”. And will build it up to a complex system. A system that relies on modularity, safety, predictability.

A conservative approach. In spite of being modular and predictable … it will bring “chaos”. This seemingly untamed and decentralized structure will give us the ability to act super fast. It can also provide fast economic growth.


Copy what worked out the best. Ant colonies or spores of fungi dominate Earth. They have no match. We might consider learning from their infrastructure. Underneath the surface everything is “constant” & “predictable”. Imagine a neuron like tunnel system beneath the surface of Mars. None of: wind, storms, landslides, dust and endless door openings.

None of extreme temperature fluctuations that causes micro cracks and in time turns everything into dust. (like in the Sahara, or Mars itself … the famous dust storms on the red planet are not a coincidence). No dew point, none of extreme thermal bridges caused by temperature fluctuations.

None of the changes every few hours. We want to avoid disasters. We want constant, predictability and safety. Endless layers of glazing to preserve heat and stop dew point would almost block out the already weak Sun. Sand storms are not helping our greenhouses either.

The heating system would be overpowered by peak points.

Temperature differences & the finest dust in the wind destroys everything in time. Going out … needing more space suits … more machinery, more air. More doors. Dubai-like highways, cleaned and maintained day and night.

Why veins?

Arteries | nature’s caves.

Imagine interconnected arteries like caves.

The interconnectedness of neuron like tunnels would end traffic jams and avoid clogging in key points. Basically, not the location itself matters the most … but the speed we can get there. In case of a bomb, terrorist attack epidemic … portions can be shut down easily. Decentralizing should be essential. Meanwhile the notion of the center would fade to a point.