energy study

We “built” a 400square meter, 2 story house in our programs. We chose an extremely thick insulation. Read about the chimney effect. The house is on wooden pylons to save up the heat gained from the Sun (30 30 30 rule). We used a big south facing glazing (acrylic sheets) to achieve a green house effect to heat up the building. We used concrete or Granit (in the middle of the house) to store up the heat from the Sun. Read this article about the battery. Basically we overheated the house, especially in the winter.

Dead kitty-kat? You open the box and the cat is dead. Opening the box killed the cat or the cat was dead already? Basically it’s the same thing in our house. If I’m not in a room, there could be aliens, reptilians, unicorns, -200C. When I open the door I want everything just perfect. Basically that is it. Lets say we are law-abiding citizens, we work from 8 am till 4 pm and we get home at 4:40. (Fair enough). But seriously … who cares what happens from 8 till 4:30 in the home?


And I’ll use it to my advantage. Try not to think about a house like a house. Think about it like various spaces that you do stuff in in a specific time range. And you optimize that. Let’s say you wake up at 7 and you have a bath in your master bathroom. You can brush your teeth, put your makeup on, get dressed, etc. You don’t leave your master bedroom at this point.


An extreme example …if at night the temperature in the living room drops to 17-18C and you enter that space fully dressed ready to leave the house is it acceptable? Would you die in the freezing cold? Probably not. Probably even your children would survive to go 15 meters in that freezing weather fully dressed.


After the sun comes up the whole living might be wormed up to 23-24C without any heating at all. And the battery could keep it 20-21C till 10pm without any of heating systems


The main idea is the following: If you have an Arduino, raspberry phi system   that measures temperatures and controls energy you are free to redistribute energy in your own way. Moving fluids between “batteries”  rooms, will help to achieve optimal environments at that time when you need it.


Example: “overheating” the living room and the underground lake with a huge glazing, sunshine, electricity from solar panels will let us accumulate, store excess energy  hot water, hot air in the thermal mass  In this way the house and the lake will not be overheating when the sun is shining.

for free

Stored hot air. We can redistribute the stored hot air, water and electricity in the late afternoon or during the night or at that exact moment when we need it. When we are there.  We can play around with every house and scenario. In the design stages we can make various changes. When you are not at home the temperature in the bathroom could drop as low as 17-18C (not that it will).


The house will wait for you? The main idea is that the house will wait for you at 8:00 pm with an inviting Jacuzzi filled with free hot water. Notice that we get most of our energy from solar gain. I could write a 1000 page about analyzing the result and the “errors” that the program makes or that can’t be measured for now.


Neither of us wants that:) Don’t analyze the data on the picture.  It’s just an example how it works. We used this particular case to watch for 2,3 things. The program is perfect to get a quick overview over the materials, “battery” size, design shapes, and building price. We can play with the orientation … temperatures … electricity produced and consumed … anything that is needed.


Just ask the house for it? The house must be tailored to you and your family’s preferences, habits and hobbies and it’s strongly related to the environment and the chosen terrain. Knowing that I can bring you the ultimate luxury and comfort with a fraction of the price.The accent is on collecting, redistributing, storing and then releasing the energy on the right time in the right place.


Just say to your smartphone or better yet, say it out loud to the house its self that you want to take a shower for 2 minutes in 32C water in 10-15 minutes from now. The house “batteries”, pipes, thermal mass, motors, Arduino , raspberry systems will take action and will prepare it for you, for free. Does that sound good or what?