50 -150$ | m2

Architecture of the future.

Building costs under 50-150$ | m2. Your house could be a tropical jungle in the Norway blizzard or an Alpine grass field in the Nairobi desert.

Full money back if not happy.

These houses will produce more food and energy that you’ll need. If you’re not happy you’ll get your money back. Find out more.

Heritage of craftsmanship

Maverick mansions woodworking home collection. Tradition and taste for the place we call home. Enjoy the best life you can.

Fortunes saved | existing buildings.

Let’s try to save you money. We saved fortunes already. Check out the examples. Schedule a call so we can try to save you as well.

Fraction of the maintenance.
Plug & play components.
Repair damages within minutes.

Moving kitchen … bathroom.
The whole plumbing can be re-positioned within hours.

Affordable premium home.
A premium home … for less.
We should afford luxury.

Smart home cables.
Adding cables takes minutes or hours. It’s invisible.

Among the safest homes.
Live in one of the safest places.

Sustainable & zero energy.
Non of big fat monthly bills.

Banks & rates.
It pays itself in record time.

Durable materials.
Lasts more than classical homes.